The Plan is No Plan


Sometimes nothing can be better for creativity than spontaneity. With only 2 hours on our hands, my model Kathreen Sterling and I constructed a set with a matching look and shot it. This shoot was particularly one of my favorites because nothing was planned. Kathreen and I went through her closet and put together a western inspired outfit. We rolled up a large carpet and carried it up the ladder to her rooftop. That carpet would end up being our backdrop. I grabbed a bottle of wine and a mortar bowl, then placed those as props next to her.

Kathreen sat in front of the carpet and lit her faux-cigarette. I snapped a few shots and then reviewed them on the camera display. Pure Magic! This shoot became a celebration of freedom and spontaneity. In the past I feared doing a shoot without planning everything down to the minutiae details. The results of the day showed me that you don’t always have to plan to get a great shot.

Tamika ReidComment