Glass Magazine


From Print to Digital

Glass Magazine is a quarterly magazine that "focuses on the best of creative culture, contemporary arts and sustainable luxury." The challenge was to take content in the space of print and place it in a space for web. The website should have the feeling of the actual magazine, but utilize the elements that make web, web. Pulling elements from the magazine, such as the decorative carousel of images, and the categories used to break up the content, I created a primary and secondary form of navigation through the content, while continuing the branding of the publication.

Role | UX/UI, Web Design

Redefining the Homepage

Redefining the Homepage

Unlike a typical web assignment, I was not asked to make a website for the brand, but instead take the format of the editorial and translate it to a digital format. Styling and all. Essentially this website would represent one issue of Glass Magazine

Simple, Sophisticated & Sensible

Simple, Sophisticated & Sensible

Large-scaled images, a clear, structured grid, and easy to read typography.